Chinese Cultural Association of Greater Philadelphia (CCAGP) is a non-profit organization serving the community in the western suburb of Philadelphia. Founded in 1984, the association is dedicated to promote Chinese culture and heritage, provide bilingual education program, and sustain and maintain The Main Line Chinese Schools (MLCS).


Ming De

Ming De (which means "moral excellence") MLCS was founded in 1961, with only a handful of children and volunteering parents. The school currently enrolls about 150 students with about 100 Chinese-speaking families. It has 14 classes and uses the Zhuyin system to teach Chinese

Ding Hao

Ding Hao (which means "the best") MLCS was founded in 2002. It was started as a pilot program in 1977 and today it has more than 160 students with mostly non-Chinese speaking families. It has 15 classes and uses the Pinyin system to teach Chinese.

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PO Box 308
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Radnor Middle School
150 Louella Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087